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EIR's Policy of Republican Grand Strategy of the United States
EIR's Policy of Republican Grand Strategy of the United States

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Inside this short book, written in the wake of President Reagan’s adoption of Mr. LaRouche’s Beam Defense policy, you will find the philosophical principles of republican statecraft which have entirely reshaped the world over the course of Mr. LaRouche’s lifelong effort to raise the level of civilization up to the level of mankind’s potential. Once collapsed societies, such as China and Russia, have used Mr. LaRouche’s principles along with indigenous cultural strengths to transform themselves into centers of progress and optimism. Even in the United States of America itself, where incredible efforts were made by British Imperial and allied oligarchical rentier-financier interests to entirely suppress republican ideas of science and progress along with all other aspects of LaRouche’s influence, we now begin to see the final triumph of his ideas.

So, as you read this book, remember that while many of the particulars of the world situation of 1983 described in this book, such as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for example, no longer exist, remember that it was the ideas contained within this book and other actions and writings by Mr. LaRouche which lay the basis for the positive transformation in world affairs we see today. While circumstances in the world have changed, Mr. LaRouche’s ideas are of a permanent universal character. The more we act to bring American foreign policy into conformity with those principles, the better will be the future of the American republic and the future of mankind in general.

Title: EIR's Policy of Republican Grand Strategy of the United States
Physical Details: stapled through centerfold (no spine)
Date: 12/83
Authors: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Pages: 56
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