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Saudi Arabia in the Year 2023
Saudi Arabia in the Year 2023

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Can a policy written 40 years ago, be so prescient, that it is still as visionary and path-breaking, as well as specific for what might be accomplished today? In “Saudi Arabia in the Year 2023,” written by LaRouche in 1983, LaRouche anticipated the mind-set of China’s Global Civilization Initiative, as well China’s recent successful diplomacy in Southwest Asia, based in a respect for the long arc of civilization, a concept utterly anathema to the mad members of today’s U. S. State Department. LaRouche wrote:

“In the British view, a nation ought to develop its richest natural resources. In the correct, anti-British view, the people of a nation should base their economic policy, not on the resources they possess, but the resources they most sorely lack. We may develop and market petroleum-assets, of course, but our proper purpose in doing this is to escape from the dangerous trap of remaining forever essentially a petroleum exporter, or specializing in the petrochemical industry.”

See our review of this report, published four months after its release: Saudi Arabia: a generation beyond the Dark Ages

Date: 06/83
Authors: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Pages: 44
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