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COLONIZE SPACE! Open the Age of Reason
Procedings of the Krafft A. Ericke Memorial Conference, June 1985

COLONIZE SPACE! Open the Age of Reason<br><span style="font-size:75%">Procedings of the Krafft A. Ericke Memorial Conference, June 1985<span>


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by Helga LaRouche (Author), Lyndon LaRouche (Author), & 5 more





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Krafft Ehricke, who died in December 1984, made major contributions to the U.S. space program and laid the foundation for man’s coming industrialization of the Moon and civilizing of the solar system. This book presents the proceedings of an extraordinary conference held June 15-16, 1985 in Reston, Virginia, in memory of space scientist Krafft A. Ehricke. The Fusion Energy Foundation and the Schiller Institute convened the conference to bring together a group of international military, scientific, diplomatic, and community leaders who would take responsibility for solving the profound crisis gripping the world. Titled “The Age of Reason, in a World of Mutually Assured Survival and Space Colonization,” the conference discussed scientific breakthroughs in the beam defense program and the classical scientific method that led to these breakthroughs.Like Krafft Ehricke, the participants shared a cultural optimism that insists that today’s strategic crisis can be overcome. Proposed was an international crash program approach to rescue mankind from disaster by lifting the eyes of the world to the stars--using a successful beam defense program as a first step along the way to industrializing and colonizing the Moon and Mars.

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