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Basic Economics for Conservative Democrats
Basic Economics for Conservative Democrats

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As I spell the point out in the main text of this book, a sound national economic policy in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton enables us to simultaneously increase profits and wages. This can be accomplished in only one way. It is accomplished by transforming scientific and technological advances into what Hamilton termed “artificial labor,” machines which use sources of energy above and beyond the energy of the human musculature. In the overall life of our nation—or any nation, for that matter—neither business nor labor can prosper without a policy of promoting technological progress through the means of improved investment in productive capital.
. . . . Once business and labor recognize that they both have the same overall, fundamental national economic-policy interest in common, that understanding establishes a mass electoral basis of support for the kinds of policies which business, farmers, and labor as a whole rightly demand.
Printed edition:
Date: 1980
Authors: Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Pages: 192
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